Kevin's Thoughts: Taxes

Taxes! Ugh!

If you are stressed about taxes, sing this to the tune of ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the year’… “It’s the most, horrible time…of the year!”

A lot of us are finding out that we aren’t getting a refund this year, but we owe. Many owe BIG! My family wound up having to pay this year, and thank God we are able to absorb the amount without it breaking the bank, but it definitely put a dent in it! If that is you this year, let me offer some encouragement.


1: “Render unto Cesear what is Cesears”. I believe that Jesus was telling us to make sure our focus is in the correct place. Our heart belongs to Him. While finances and money are very important, they are not what we are living for. We are living for something much higher!

 2: Tax Problems are finite, not infinite! No matter how bad the number is, it’s a math problem that can be solved. It may take time and discipline, but it can and will be solved. Don’t allow this to creep into your relationships or how you treat people. Especially those you love. You and your family are a team! You got into the mess together, you’ll get out of it together!

 3: Hit it head-on! Don’t keep putting off dealing with the issue. It isn’t going to go away by ignoring it. Find out what you are facing, create a plan to handle it and most importantly, make adjustments now for next year!


I’m sharing with you from the heart and from the wallet. Again, I am in the ‘I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go’ boat with you! So lets be steadfast in prayer, determined to get through and ready to move forward into 2019!